Sunday, July 29, 2012

Good and bad

In the spirit of the Olympics, I have to make a short concise statement. World-class athletes can have an off day. The difference between the winner and everyone else is oft times shaking off disappointment and errors, focusing on their goal.  You can do the same, if you have a bad day or week, just focus on your goal!

The best gymnast in the world did not make it to the all-around competition because of minor errors, so if the worlds best can have an off day or miss their mark, there is nothing wrong with you having similar results.  Just move on!  The past is the past, that was yesterday, now only today matters!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Slow your roll

Hello contestants of the BFC, there are so many wonderful people who came to the weigh in today, it was a very exciting day!  The next seven weeks will be amazing, props to "the crew" who volunteered their time to make this event successful.  Everyone was on their A game today!

Today after I met a lot of great people at the Big Fat Contest weigh in at Murray Rec Center, I was hungry and thought I would stop off at Rumbi Grill.  I order something a little different than my usual Brown, Jamacian Jerk, Steak action and went with the pork(why didn't I snap a pic). It was a great meal and after I was finished eating I looked at my wife's plate and she had less food than I did, which is unusual because I put away a lot of food.  Then it hit me, I used chopsticks which required me to eat my food slower and to get less in my mouth.  So if you want to work on portion control, use chopsticks!   If you are not good with using them, that is okay you will eat even less.  Anyone can use them with some practice, however the point is that you need to be deliberate in your consumption of meals.  Chew your food, make a game of it, at least 20 times you have to chew before you swallow.  By eating slower you will eat less since it takes time for the stomach to let your brain know that you are full.  In addition to that only eat until you start to feel full, do not eat to the point of being "stuffed".

Did I mention that you should drink your gallon of water?!  You are doing great keep it up!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Change is Slow

Did you wake up one morning and found that you had gained 60 pounds, or that you were a chain smoker, or an alcoholic? I didn't think so!  Changes are slow with the exception of certain drugs that you should not even try once because they are so addictive.  With that said, why do you expect change to be rapid?  Imagine if change was rapid and you gained 40 pounds one day and then lost 35 the next, what would that do to our bodies?  I don't think it would be healthy.  Healthy changes take commitment, whether you realize it or not you are committed to unhealthy choices even without trying to.

Today is the day to make a change!  Note that I said a change, as in one.  Another mistake is trying to change a lot of things, get focused!  Pick one thing you want to change and then make a plan of how you will achieve that change.  I want to drink a gallon of water a day because I know it is good for me.  Now tell someone else about this change you want to make, because now you are accountable to them.  Stay focused on the change you want to make and you will get there!  We head in the direction we are looking.  Have you ever been riding your bike or driving and you look to see if someone is behind you or in the other lane and you find your self drifting in the direction you were looking.  Use your natural tendencies to work for you, no need to reinvent the wheel here!  Be strong! Stay focused!  You can do it!  You have infinite power!  Decide!  Do!

Thursday, July 26, 2012


 Doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result is what a lot of us do.  We want the days to be better and we have the same attitude as the day before.  If we are not positive we will not have positive days as our thoughts of today become tomorrows actions.  Break away from the crazy cycle of whatever is afflicting you, become the change you want to be.

 The crazy part is that we only need to make minor changes to see big results, the biggest difference in our thoughts and actions is purpose.  Be committed to the change you want and it will happen!

Let go of the self-doubt, I believe in you and your abilities more than you do, however you can get there as well just believe in you and shutdown those self imposed limitations with positive thoughts and affirmative actions.
 Live with purpose and live each day on purpose!  Today is a gift!  You are a gift to yourself and others!  You may be inspiring people and do not know it!  Live like you are an example, you are an example!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Motion is the potion

There is magic to be had for your body by just doing some movements throughout the day instead of simply sitting at your desk!  Move around!  Motion is the potion that will help you feel better!

 Core focused motion!

Moving does more for your body tone than anything else!  Doing simple little exercises at your desk while working or getting up the correct way will help you to strengthen your core as well as burn calories without putting forth a huge effort.  Turn your day in the office to an exercise plan that will make a big difference in how you feel.  The stairs are your friend, use them instead of the elevator.

 Pretend the bench is your chair, no dumbbells in your hands

When sitting at your desk, sit at the front of the chair, do not "sink" into the chair.  Pull your core tight, pulling your belly button to the back of your spine.  Feet together. Keep your shoulders straight and back, the spine should be flat, especially keeping your core tight that forces the lower back to be flat instead of curved in(Check example above).  Remember to breath while doing this.  When you have your core position correct, flex your glutes, making them as tight as you can and hold it for a couple of seconds then release for a second and tighten again, repeat this over and over.  You should begin to feel a burn, this is a workout without a lot of work, while at work!

If you have a hard time getting the position on your chair correct, imagine you are sitting on a balance ball.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Time crunch

We all have very busy lives, however with a little planning and forethought you can make a big difference in how you can be busy and still eat healthy.  Have you been at work and had to go out somewhere because you did not have time to get a meal together before going to work?  Have activities after work and may or may not get to go by your home before heading out?  How can you enjoy healthy eating when fast-food is not healthy?  Plan ahead and prepare meals and snacks ahead of time.  Saturday or Sunday take a few minutes to plan and then prepare food for the coming week.  Divide up carrots and celery sticks into individual bags so that you can snack on them at any time at work or on the run, just grab and go.  Keep an apple or banana at hand so that you can use it is a snack.  Prepare a couple of healthy meals and then put them into containers in the proper portions so at mealtime at work you do not have to think just pop it in the microwave and your ready to eat in minutes.  I have spoken of Almonds before as a great snack, just take 20-30 of them in a bag and keep them in a handy spot like a drawer at work or in your purse to use when your in a rush but need something healthy to eat.  Your busy, however make that work to your advantage and save some money from going out to eat!  Always remember to drink your gallon of water today!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Jumpstart your metabolism

Start the morning with an avocado, cucumber, and tomato to change your pH level to be more alkaline.  Keeping your body naturally aligned requires eating more alkalizing food that balances all the acidifying foods like sugar, fruit, and artificial sweeteners.

Most foods that we eat are acidic because they are the foods that are sweetened or full of preservatives while the foods that are alkaline are vegetables and a few fruits like avocado, tomato, and limes.  Watermelon is your friend when it comes to fruit, it has an almost neutral pH level.  Watermelon is a star!

Weight loss is a result of your body being in balance.  When your body is not in balance the body uses it natural defense of storing food for later use, this becomes fat because the body stores fat for a "rainy day"  In addition to eating more alkaline foods, always drink your gallon of water per day

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Affirm the Positive

 Why are positive affirmations so powerful?  When done correctly we are reprogramming our subconscious mind to affect change in our conscious life.  We can remove doubt, increase confidence, change beliefs, and remove limitations.  When we realize that we have set our limitations we can work on changing what we believe to be possible or what we can attain.  Our thoughts are so powerful, when we couple this with a change in our health we give ourselves the energy we need to make anything possible.  Are you ready to make change?  Do you believe that anything is possible?  Who do you want to be?  What change do you want to affect upon the world and others?  Are you a force for good and a force to be reckoned with?  I believe you are!

Take a couple of positive statements about yourself and write them down,  Keep it simple!  They should be positive!  They should be actions!  I am a fast runner!  I will endure! I run relaxed with speed!  These are affirmations that I use before running and during running!  I repeat these with conviction and desire!  I believe them!  Did you write down a couple simple statements about who you want to be or do?  If you do not write them how can you affect change within yourself?  Go write them down, make yourself accountable.  These affirmations can be placed on your bathroom mirror, at your desk, in the car, and other places you find yourself each day.  Read them aloud and with power.

Remember that you are unique and that you want to be what works for you.  Do not think about what others have or their lifestyle.  You can emulate someone whom you believe in what they do, how they treat others, an infectious smile, or how they work hard.  Create your own lifestyle that is true to you.
Does that make sense to you?  We are not carbon copies, however we can desire to have similar traits of someone we respect or know.  Realize that anything worth having requires effort on our part to affect change!  That is to change ourselves!  We can influence others!  We can believe in others!  Change is up to the individual!  Only you can change you!  Be the difference, make the difference, be the power and affect change in your life!
 Be the person you want to be!  Personal effects are great however you cannot take them with you when you die.  People remember who you are not what you have!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Did you know that one of the most addictive substances known to man also happens to be in most foods and it is legal?  Dr Robert Lusting states that sugar has the same effect on our brain as cocaine.  That is just plain scary and gives good reason to break the cycle of addiction.  If there is one thing that you can give up that will have significant impact upon your health it has to be sugar.  Sugar can sap calcium from your bones and cause early onset osteoporosis.  Estimates show that we consume close to 130 pounds of sugar a year.  Fact: The USDA states that the average American consumes 156 pounds of added sugar.  An article was written in Forbes magazine about how we are basically killing ourselves with sugar and that we are just scratching the surface of the effects of sugar on our bodies.   Don't let this monster control your life, remove as many forms of sugar from your diet and you will be amazed at the results.

Each cube represents 4 grams of sugar approx 1 tsp.

Have a Coke and no smile!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Water Works

Drinking more water is one of the single most important factors in weight loss! How much water you should drink comes down to your commitment to your weight loss! A minimum recommend amount is a gallon per day, yes you read that correctly. A gallon of water each day helps to flush the toxins and fat from your body. " Pee, poop, and sweat is how your body releases fat"-Jeromy Williams So start drinking your gallon right now, your body will thank you!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Snacking Right

When you are between meals there are snacks that will help you and snacks that will hurt you.  Fruits and vegetables are a good choice for snacking and they are low calorie.  By eating vegetables or fruit you are adding to the servings you should take in each day in addition to your intake at meal time.  Eating fat-free is not a good idea for snaking.  Why is that?  Since fat-free foods were introduced people have been getting fatter.  Fat does not make you fat!  By processing fat or oil the composition of the food is changed chemically and your body does not know what to do with the food so it is stored as FAT!
There are nuts that are good for snacking on, preferably in the raw.  Almonds are great for a snack that includes protein and good fat.  Avoid the glazed, honey, or salty flavored nuts as they add sugar and flavoring that will negate the beneficial properties.  Make the right choice for your snacks and enjoy the benefit they can provide in helping you to attain your fat loss goals.  A bad choice today can result in additional work needed tomorrow to compensate.  Changing your lifestyle is about decisions made each day!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Food Challenge

You have spent weeks losing weight and doing great when you have a day where you have not eaten enough food and cravings come on strong.  "Challenge yourself about food and drink 32oz of water before you eat it" says trainer Jeromy. When a craving is strong and food challenges you, challenge food back by doing healthy things before you eat some "bad" food.
By drinking a lot of water you will not feel hungry and may conquer the craving moment,  either way you will eat less of what you shouldn't and you will focus on the healthy things you do.  The calm comes after the storm, just continue to improve.  "If your going to eat something unhealthy like double stuff Oreos, enjoy it, savor it and then get over it." -Jane

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Believe and Acheive

Believe in your infinite power!  You are amazing and all powerful, starting using that power!  Set goals that are realistic but more than you think you can achieve right now, this is because you will be surprised at how much you can do and you can achieve more than you think possible.  We believe in you and your ability to become more than you ever thought possible!

Fake it til you make it!  I love this saying because we oft times have to push forward even when we have self-doubt.  By going through the motions and having positive thoughts, our thoughts become action!  Look to positive affirmations and positive people who can help you succeed!  We want you to succeed!  You can do it so start now with a goal!  Now add 10% to that and work on an action plan.  We are always here to help so if you are uncertain about creating an action plan feel free to contact us and we will help you.  We want you to see yourself as we do!  You can do so make today a great day and plan for each day to be a new exciting experience!  Be positive!  Be happy!  Remember to eat your healthy breakfast, this helps to increase your energy and your outlook!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

You need this

Every morning when you get up, tell yourself that you will eat a healthy breakfast.  If you do not eat breakfast you have put your body into starvation mode and everything you eat will be converted to storage, aka Fat!  What you eat for breakfast is as important as eating this first crucial meal of the day!

You should make your breakfast, avoid prepared foods!

Color rules the day!

There are a lot of alternatives to dairy!

Fruit is your friend!