Sunday, July 22, 2012

Jumpstart your metabolism

Start the morning with an avocado, cucumber, and tomato to change your pH level to be more alkaline.  Keeping your body naturally aligned requires eating more alkalizing food that balances all the acidifying foods like sugar, fruit, and artificial sweeteners.

Most foods that we eat are acidic because they are the foods that are sweetened or full of preservatives while the foods that are alkaline are vegetables and a few fruits like avocado, tomato, and limes.  Watermelon is your friend when it comes to fruit, it has an almost neutral pH level.  Watermelon is a star!

Weight loss is a result of your body being in balance.  When your body is not in balance the body uses it natural defense of storing food for later use, this becomes fat because the body stores fat for a "rainy day"  In addition to eating more alkaline foods, always drink your gallon of water per day

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