Monday, July 23, 2012

Time crunch

We all have very busy lives, however with a little planning and forethought you can make a big difference in how you can be busy and still eat healthy.  Have you been at work and had to go out somewhere because you did not have time to get a meal together before going to work?  Have activities after work and may or may not get to go by your home before heading out?  How can you enjoy healthy eating when fast-food is not healthy?  Plan ahead and prepare meals and snacks ahead of time.  Saturday or Sunday take a few minutes to plan and then prepare food for the coming week.  Divide up carrots and celery sticks into individual bags so that you can snack on them at any time at work or on the run, just grab and go.  Keep an apple or banana at hand so that you can use it is a snack.  Prepare a couple of healthy meals and then put them into containers in the proper portions so at mealtime at work you do not have to think just pop it in the microwave and your ready to eat in minutes.  I have spoken of Almonds before as a great snack, just take 20-30 of them in a bag and keep them in a handy spot like a drawer at work or in your purse to use when your in a rush but need something healthy to eat.  Your busy, however make that work to your advantage and save some money from going out to eat!  Always remember to drink your gallon of water today!

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