Monday, July 16, 2012

Snacking Right

When you are between meals there are snacks that will help you and snacks that will hurt you.  Fruits and vegetables are a good choice for snacking and they are low calorie.  By eating vegetables or fruit you are adding to the servings you should take in each day in addition to your intake at meal time.  Eating fat-free is not a good idea for snaking.  Why is that?  Since fat-free foods were introduced people have been getting fatter.  Fat does not make you fat!  By processing fat or oil the composition of the food is changed chemically and your body does not know what to do with the food so it is stored as FAT!
There are nuts that are good for snacking on, preferably in the raw.  Almonds are great for a snack that includes protein and good fat.  Avoid the glazed, honey, or salty flavored nuts as they add sugar and flavoring that will negate the beneficial properties.  Make the right choice for your snacks and enjoy the benefit they can provide in helping you to attain your fat loss goals.  A bad choice today can result in additional work needed tomorrow to compensate.  Changing your lifestyle is about decisions made each day!

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