Thursday, July 19, 2012

Affirm the Positive

 Why are positive affirmations so powerful?  When done correctly we are reprogramming our subconscious mind to affect change in our conscious life.  We can remove doubt, increase confidence, change beliefs, and remove limitations.  When we realize that we have set our limitations we can work on changing what we believe to be possible or what we can attain.  Our thoughts are so powerful, when we couple this with a change in our health we give ourselves the energy we need to make anything possible.  Are you ready to make change?  Do you believe that anything is possible?  Who do you want to be?  What change do you want to affect upon the world and others?  Are you a force for good and a force to be reckoned with?  I believe you are!

Take a couple of positive statements about yourself and write them down,  Keep it simple!  They should be positive!  They should be actions!  I am a fast runner!  I will endure! I run relaxed with speed!  These are affirmations that I use before running and during running!  I repeat these with conviction and desire!  I believe them!  Did you write down a couple simple statements about who you want to be or do?  If you do not write them how can you affect change within yourself?  Go write them down, make yourself accountable.  These affirmations can be placed on your bathroom mirror, at your desk, in the car, and other places you find yourself each day.  Read them aloud and with power.

Remember that you are unique and that you want to be what works for you.  Do not think about what others have or their lifestyle.  You can emulate someone whom you believe in what they do, how they treat others, an infectious smile, or how they work hard.  Create your own lifestyle that is true to you.
Does that make sense to you?  We are not carbon copies, however we can desire to have similar traits of someone we respect or know.  Realize that anything worth having requires effort on our part to affect change!  That is to change ourselves!  We can influence others!  We can believe in others!  Change is up to the individual!  Only you can change you!  Be the difference, make the difference, be the power and affect change in your life!
 Be the person you want to be!  Personal effects are great however you cannot take them with you when you die.  People remember who you are not what you have!

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