Saturday, July 28, 2012

Slow your roll

Hello contestants of the BFC, there are so many wonderful people who came to the weigh in today, it was a very exciting day!  The next seven weeks will be amazing, props to "the crew" who volunteered their time to make this event successful.  Everyone was on their A game today!

Today after I met a lot of great people at the Big Fat Contest weigh in at Murray Rec Center, I was hungry and thought I would stop off at Rumbi Grill.  I order something a little different than my usual Brown, Jamacian Jerk, Steak action and went with the pork(why didn't I snap a pic). It was a great meal and after I was finished eating I looked at my wife's plate and she had less food than I did, which is unusual because I put away a lot of food.  Then it hit me, I used chopsticks which required me to eat my food slower and to get less in my mouth.  So if you want to work on portion control, use chopsticks!   If you are not good with using them, that is okay you will eat even less.  Anyone can use them with some practice, however the point is that you need to be deliberate in your consumption of meals.  Chew your food, make a game of it, at least 20 times you have to chew before you swallow.  By eating slower you will eat less since it takes time for the stomach to let your brain know that you are full.  In addition to that only eat until you start to feel full, do not eat to the point of being "stuffed".

Did I mention that you should drink your gallon of water?!  You are doing great keep it up!

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