Sunday, August 12, 2012

Nuts about nuts

I love to eat nuts and they are not always healthy for you if they are not the right ones!  So do I eat the healthy ones?  The answer would be most of the time, however I like to eat the mixed nuts from the can and that is not good because they have added sugar and salt.  Stay away from these as much as possible, realizing they are not good for you even if they are the healthier nuts.

Almonds are a nut I have mentioned before and here is why, 10-15 of these bad boys and you get 25% of the Magnesium your body needs in a day.  Calcium, vitamin E and selenium are also found in almonds as well as being a great source of fiber

Walnuts look like a brain for a reason, have you noticed that when you look at them?  Walnuts are packed full of ellagic acid and polyphenols!  Research has shown that consuming walnuts are related to heart health, increased cognitive functions and fighting disease through the polyphenols.

Pecans are another great nut to eat because they have 20 essential vitamins and minerals!  Pecans are also linked to reducing cholesterol!  If you want the true benefits of these nuts they should be eaten in their raw organic form and not from a can, roasted, honey glazed or any other type of processing, the process changes the chemical composition of the nuts and thus they are not as healthy or can even be worse for you because of the sugar and salt!

When enjoying your nuts always remember to drink your gallon of water!

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