Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Marketing Scam

Have a coke and a smile!?  McDonald is healthy food? This is the berage of commercials you were hit with during the Olympics, but especially during the closing ceremony.  The reason we have an epidemic of obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure lies squarely with the marketing that has been presented to America on a regular basis.  Don't believe the hype:  A coke has 7 teaspoons of sugar in 12 oz. and it is like battery acid to your teeth and your body.

McDonald's menu is full of processed food and empty calories. Every commercial on TV is basically a lie to get you to buy something, they elude to things that are cool or how you need their product but in the end it is a lie.  Don't give in!

Do your research, found out what is really in the food you eat.  Read the label!  Pay close attention to the serving size, companies are now dropping the serving size so that their product does not seem so bad.  Be an educated consumer, grow your own food, buy from a local farmers market, and be responsible for your actions.  Take charge!  You are not a mindless drone swayed by the latest fad or marketing illusion.

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