Sunday, August 5, 2012

Friends at OR

Some of the Progression7 crew hung out at Outdoor Retailer this weekend to strengthen relationships with some sponsors.  The weekend was successful and we even made a video or two while out there.  Jane worked hard with TruFit who has a mission very similar to ours and really wants to make a difference.

They have some cool training equipment that will hopefully be incorporated into some gyms throughout the valley.  Real X Gear with their Xtreme Cooling Towels was another great company that can help contestants as they go through the contest and more about them will follow in an upcoming workshop.

The biggest thing that was taken away from the expo was that you have to ask for what you want.  When you want something or need to achieve a goal, oft times you can get it done through the help of others.  No one can help you if they are not aware of a need, ask, let someone know what you seek and how you want to get there and see what happens.  You can do a lot, more than you know, however you cannot always do it all yourself.  Ask for help!

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