Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Kiss Pain Goodbye

I can’t wait to be part of the Health & Fitness WORKSHOPS by Jeromy Williams.  The first one is Thursday, Aug. 2nd, at 7pm (“Kiss Pain G’bye” – all about proper Kinetic Movement and Brain Function to avoid surgery and stay active without pain and without drugs to cope).

I believe in No Pain, No Pain

There is a pain you have to endure but that is only when I am working as an athlete to achieve a goal, finish a race or train harder.  However I want to avoid injury.

Come listen to this workshop and learn how your body movement should be
This will be amazing!

Contestants watch for an email about the other topics.  They are fun, entertaining, but more importantly consist of real science, current research, and strong statistics that will help you with the best results during the contest.

Carolyn Tanner Irish Humanities Building
University of Utah
215 S. Central Campus Dr.
SLC, UT 84112

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